Geometric Statement Earrings with Template – Easy Felt Crafts

Large earrings in bright colors add a statement to any outfit, and that statement is fun! Using felt for DIY earrings keeps them so light that the wearer forgets they are in their ears.

This project is super fast and easy, and most of the supplies are available in a single earring making kit. You can make 100 pairs of earrings for under $20! It even comes with display cards and adhesive bags for each pair of earrings.

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The affordability and limited skill level makes this a great project for groups during craft nights, camp or a birthday party. Teens and tweens particularly love this craft. Or create a stock of holiday gifts for family, friends, teachers, and your favorite barista.

Grab the supplies below and get started because you aren’t going to want to stop. There are so many shapes and colors to experiment with!


In addition to the earring making kit, you will need felt, a marking pen, precision scissors, and a small hole puncher. The products we used are linked below for your shopping convenience.

How Do You Make Your Own Statement Earrings?

Step 1 – Free Template

Begin by downloading and printing the free template linked below.

Then cut out the paper template pieces with scissors.

Step 2 – Cut Out the Felt

Next, trace the paper templates onto felt in your choice of color(s). Feel free to get creative. The shapes on each earring don’t have to be the same color, and the earrings don’t have to match each other. Here’s an opportunity to let your personality, or the personality of the gift recipient, shine.

Step 3 – Punch Holes

Use a 1/16″ mini hole punch to create holes at the top of your shapes. If you are linking more than one shape together, as the photo shows, punch a hole at the top and bottom of each shape where needed.

Step 4 – Link the Shapes Together

Select the jump ring and pliers from your earring making supply kit. Hold the jump ring firmly between your thumb and index finger. Then use the pliers to grab the opposite side of the jump ring, and twist it open. Do not pull the rings open. Only twist to maintain the circular shape.

Slide a felt shape onto the jump ring, followed by the next shape or earring hook that you would like to attach. Then twist the jump ring closed.

Repeat this step until the shapes and earring hooks are connected.

Step 5 – Gift Presentation

To present the earrings as a gift, slip the hooks of the earrings through the pre-punched holes in a display card. You can decorate the display card or add a personal message. Slide earring backs onto the hooks to keep them in place now and during wear.

Then place the display card and earrings inside one of the self-sealing bags. You can decorate the bag if you’d like. Adding ribbon or presenting it in a gift box are also options.

Don’t forget to pin this project for later, and check out more easy felt crafts listed below.

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Yield: 1 Pair

Geometric Statement Earrings Easy Felt Craft

Geometric Statement Earrings Easy Felt Craft

How to turn simple felt shapes into statement earrings.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost Under $1.00


  1. Download and print free template
  2. Cut out paper template
  3. Trace template onto felt colors of choice, one or more for each earring
  4. Cut out felt shapes
  5. Punch holes in top of felt shapes (and bottom if linking more than one shape together) with hole puncher
  6. Twist open jump ring with pliers
  7. Slide felt shape onto jump ring through hole
  8. Add another shape or earring hook
  9. Twist jump ring closed
  10. Decorate display card, if desired
  11. Insert earring hooks in display card
  12. Slide backs on earring hooks
  13. Insert in self sealing bag


Customize your earrings for yourself or the recipient by mixing and matching shapes and colors.