Standing Mini Gnomes – Easy Felt Crafts

Make your own standing mini gnomes with these thorough, no-sew instructions. A full photo tutorial is included. Bet you can’t make just one!

These little gnome are decked out for Christmas, but you could swap out the colors and adornments to make them appropriate for other holidays or any day.

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There is no sewing involved in this project. Your trusty hot glue gun will do just fine.

Ready to get started?



Begin by downloading the free gnome template and printing it on your home computer.

Then cut the template pieces out with craft scissors.

Trace the template for the cone onto cardstock paper, and cut it out.

Now roll the quarter circle to form a cone shape. Apply hot glue where the cardstock overlaps to secure.

To make the beard, cut out a bunch of 3″ yarn strands from your yarn of choice. It is better to keep the strands long, and trim them into a beard shape later.

Take one strand of yarn, and place it on a flat surface.

Then grab two groups of strands and fold them in half. Place the looped part of the double yarns over the single strands.

Hold the open ends of the double strands and draw them through its loop from under the single strand of yarn. Pull the open ends all the way through and tighten the double strands with the single strand.

Repeat to attach more strands of yarn.

Once you are satisfied with the volume of the yarn strands, tie a tight knot with the two open ends of the single strand. This will create a small hole in the middle of the attached yarn strands.

Move the strands around so that they all fall to one direction.

Next, cut out a small piece of felt fabric.

Use your hot glue gun to attach the yarn beard on the small felt fabric.

Now it is time to make the gnome’s clothes. Trace the patterns on the selected felt fabrics, and cut them out.

Now attach a half wooden bead on the hole of the yarn beard with hot glue.

Roll the hat felt cutout to form a cone shaped hat, and attach the leaves and cherry on the hat with glue to decorate it.

Then take the cardstock cone and wrap the other felt cutout around the bottom side of the cone, and glue it in place.

Attach the beard on the cardstock cone, relatively in the middle part of the cone, with hot glue.

Then glue the hat on the top side of the cardstock cone.

If desired, glue on googly eyes to finish.

You made a standing gnome doll!

Don’t forget to pin this project for later, and check out some more easy felt crafts listed below.

Yield: 1 Mini Gnome

Standing Mini Gnome Dolls

Standing Mini Gnome Dolls

How to make standing mini gnome dolls, a no-sew craft.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost Under $1.00


  1. Download and print gnome template.
  2. Cut out template with scissors.
  3. Trace cone onto cardstock and cut out.
  4. Roll into cone shape and glue.
  5. Cut several 3" strands of yarn.
  6. Lay one strand on a flat surface.
  7. Fold two other strands in half and lay the loop over the single strand.
  8. Pull open ends of double strand through its loop from underneath.
  9. Repeat adding strands until beard is full.
  10. Move strands in one direction.
  11. Cut a small piece of felt.
  12. Glue beard to felt.
  13. Glue half bead into center of beard.
  14. Trace remaining templates onto felt and cut out.
  15. Roll the hat cutout to form a cone and glue.
  16. Decorate hat as you wish.
  17. Wrap remaining felt piece around cardstock cone and glue.
  18. Attach beard to center of the cardstock cone.
  19. Glue hat to the top of the cardstock cone.
  20. Glue on googly eyes if desired.


Change the felt colors and decorations to make these gnomes for any holiday or everyday.