Easy Felt Plush Craft Easter Chick

Easter Chick Felt Plush – Easy Felt Crafts

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Make yourself an adorable baby chick popping out of an eggshell for Easter. They are so easy kids can make them too, and a free pattern download is included. Sewing with felt is perfect for beginners!

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Felt is super inexpensive making it a great medium to practice sewing with. This project uses a blanket stitch for the body and craft glue to attach the smaller pieces.

Easter Chick Felt Plush DIY

The baby chicks are a perfect addition to Easter baskets or treats for Easter brunch at the children’s table. They only cost pennies, so you can make a whole bunch!

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Are you ready to make your own baby chick felt plushie for Easter? Let’s get started.



You will need some felt scraps in a variety of colors, in addition to some basic craft supplies like scissors and glue for this project.

To stuff your baby chick, Poly-fil polyester fiber fill from Fairfield World works best.

You will also need a few basic craft items for sewing felt projects.

Free Pattern Download

Click the ‘Download’ button below to access the free pattern. Then print it on your home printer.

DIY Tutorial

Now you have everything you need to get started.

Begin by cutting out your paper pattern pieces. Then trace each pattern piece with a pencil onto felt in the color of your choice.

Cut out felt chick pieces

Carefully cut out the felt pieces you traced. Small craft scissors work best for cutting out the small pieces.

Assemble Felt Chick Pieces

Next, use craft glue to attach the hair at the top of the baby chick’s head.

In addition, glue the small circles onto larger circles to form eyes.

Sew Front and Back

On the chick base that does not have the hair glued on, attach the eyes, beak and checks to the face with craft glue.

Sew head and body

Now stack the front body piece with the face on top of the back body piece with the hair sandwiched inside.

Prepare your needle with thread in a coordinating color, and stitch around the two pieces with a blanket stitch.

Sew felt chick closed

Do not stitch all the way around. Leave a 1″ opening for stuffing.

Stuffing felt chick

Stuff small pieces of polyester batting into the baby chick’s body until it is plump to your liking.

Completed Easter Chick Felt Plush

After stuffing, continue stitching to close.

Felt Chick and Egg

Next, stack the two egg pattern pieces on top of each other.

Stitch around the egg shape, again with a blanket stitch, leaving the zigzag top open.

Felt Chick in Egg

Now you can insert the baby chick plush inside the cracked egg.

Easter Chick Felt Plush DIY

Feel free to use the other shapes included in the pattern download to decorate your eggshell. The pieces can be glued on with craft glue or stitched in place.

Easter Chick Felt Plush DIY

Your baby chick plush is complete!

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Easter Chick Easy Felt Craft
Yield: 1 Baby Chick Plush

Easter Chick Felt Plush

Easy Felt Plush Craft Easter Chick

How to make an adorable baby chick felt plush craft for Easter.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost Under $1.00



  1. Download and print free pattern.
  2. Cut out paper pattern pieces.
  3. Trace pattern pieces on felt colors of choice.
  4. Cut out felt pieces.
  5. Glue hair to top of one chick body.
  6. Glue face pieces (eyes, beak, cheeks) to other chick body.
  7. Stack top body on back body piece.
  8. Stitch around perimeter with blanket stitch, leaving 1" opening.
  9. Stuff opening with batting.
  10. Stitch closed.
  11. Place eggshell pieces on top of each other.
  12. Stitch around curved edge only.
  13. Decorate shell with additional felt pieces as desired (glue or sew).
  14. Insert baby chick plush into eggshell.


Make sure the hair piece is in between the body layers before stitching.

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