Fairy Crown with Template – Easy Felt Crafts

Make a fairy princess crown with this free template and tutorial. Easy and advanced options are included, along with photos of each step.

To speed up this craft, you can buy pre-made items to adorn your crown. Have more time? Then make your own decorations!

This craft uses a glue gun, so young children may need assistance. Older kids will love making their own fairy crowns!

The crown template is free to download. Use it again and again to make as many crowns as you’d like.

Ready to get started?

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You can purchased finished felt flowers to make this craft go faster. They are listed among the supplies below for convenience.

If you choose to make your own felt flowers, check out this flower hoop wreath for a few options with tutorials.


Begin by downloading the free crown template.

Print two copies of the crown template, and cut them out with craft scissors. Then tape the two pieces together.

Measure around your fairy princesses head and subtract 1”. This is the length you want the template for your crown. Cut your template to the size you need.

Cut your two pieces of felt and two pieces of interfacing to the height and width of your finished template size.

Next, iron the interfacing onto your felt.

Now lay one template onto one piece of felt, felt side up and clip or pin into place.

Cut around the template.

Now flip the template to the other side and place it on the other piece of felt, felt side up and clip or pin into place. Then cut around the template again.

Using a hot glue gun, line up your two felt crown pieces, interfacing sides together, and secure together with glue. Leave a small opening in the middle on either side for the ribbon.

Cut two lengths of ribbon for the ties. The length will depend on how long you and your fairy princess would like it to be.

Hot glue the ribbon on the sides of the crown, in between the layers, where you left the small opening. Close the opening, and make sure the ribbon is nice and secure so it does not pull out when tied.

Then it is time to decorate your crown! Use the glue gun to adhere rhinestones and flowers as desired.

Wait until glue is completely cool before tying the crown around the head.

Don’t forget to pin this project for later, and check out some more easy felt crafts listed below.

Yield: 1 Fairy Crown

Fairy Crown with Template

Fairy Crown with Template

How to make a fairy crown with felt and decorative craft supplies.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5.00



  1. Download crown template.
  2. Print two copies.
  3. Cut out templates.
  4. Tape templates together, end to end.
  5. Cut template to size of head minus 1".
  6. Cut two long pieces of felt and interfacing to length and height of template.
  7. Iron interfacing to felt.
  8. Lay one template on each piece of felt with interfacing side down. Clip to hold.
  9. Cut around template.
  10. Line up felt pieces with interfacing sides together.
  11. Glue with hot glue gun, leaving small opening at each end for ribbon.
  12. Cut ribbon to length.
  13. Sandwich ribbon between felt at openings.
  14. Glue to secure ribbon and close.
  15. Decorate crown with flowers and rhinestones as desired.


You can make your own flower decorations or use pre-made felt flowers.